Our story

We started looking at a global trends report in hotel marketing in 2013. At the time we were working in an agency and wanted to look at the market and understand how the market was changing, what were other innovative agencies doing and more.

Over the years the slideshare reports became more and more popular. The simple and easy to read medium of a slidedeck together with a the quartyerly publication made the data relevant and avoided the extra fluff that is needed when one is on a quote to get clicks and publish volume of words.

But it wasn’t really comprehensive enough. We wanted to create something better, something that had a slightly deeper look at the market while still being easy to read. We wanted something broader but not longer to read.

After a lot of thought we came up with a format that we’re pretty sure you’ll like. Since then we’ve been working on putting together the first version of the report.

The People

Tell Trends was created by Martin Soler and Sebastien Felix, after casually creating our 9th or 10th Hotel Benchmark report on slideshare we wanted to make something a bit better. With more experts and better opinions. 

We're both passionate about marketing and hospitality. The problem with most marketing is that it isn't sustainable as a channel, we believe that good marketing is. It means marketing good products in ways that will help the buyer rather than spamming them into buying something they don't need. 

For Tell Trends we've partnered with brilliant and independent minds, people who don't have an agenda to push. Each writer is compensated for their writing making sure they remain neutral and objective in everything they write.