Stay relevant in the hospitality industry

Understand what is happening and what it is about to happen in order to anticipate the changes that will come and make the pieces fit together into a cohesive whole.

Tell Trends was created by Martin Soler and Sebastien Felix, after casually creating our 9th or 10th Hotel Benchmark report on slideshare we wanted to make something a bit better. With more experts and better opinions.
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Qualified opinions & curated experts

Invited authors are paid to write by your subscription, not by ads. They might be opinionated but that's because they are all qualified in their respective fields. Get opinions from the players, not the spectators.

For the first edition: Simone Puorto, Daniel E. Craig, Vikram Singh, Martin Soler, Sebastien Felix.


Delivery starts in January 2019

Tell Trends (x1)
119.00 149.00
Tell Trends (x2)
199.00 268.00
Tell Trends (x3)
249.00 380.00