What's Inside Tell Trends?

The editorial guidelines for our authors are to be concise and candid and to have their own opinions about trends and to ensure opinions are clearly noted. But most importantly is it should be something worth reading for busy executives.

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Just the Relevant Topics

Tell Trends covers five basic topics every quarter, the additional topics may change, but the basic ones remain the same. Authors are expected to be candid in their opinions and if they err, explain it to the readers. What's important isn't trying to be right but understanding the evolutions and interpreting that for the future. 

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Qualified Opinions

Invited authors are paid to write by your subscription, not by ads. They might be opinionated but that's because they are all qualified in their respective fields. If you want to know what the experts think about the topics of the industry then you'll want to have unbiased opinions. Get opinions from the players, not the spectators.

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Three Sections Per Topic

The overview, a column by the author, covering the topic in 500 words. The most important news of the quarter in 5 recaps and maximum two pages and the 10 most important news articles of those topics. And a bonus section for Advertising and Social Media covering inspiring campaigns we culled for you.

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Free of Noise

Tell Trends doesn't need the sensationalism to get clicks. Authors don't have a quota of articles published. In fact, they're asked to write as little as possible and just focus on what's important. Word counts, don't count here. Busy people don't have time to waste so Tell Trends focuses on keeping that time well spent.

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Easy to Read

Short recaps of important topics so you can "skim" through more than catchy headlines. We've read what we recommend and curated what we think you should read. What's important to us is giving you the instant overview of the subject so you are always in the know with the latest trends.

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How often is it published?

We'll be publishing one report every quarter. So you can follow the trends in the markets and understand what is to come. Each report will be approximately 50 pages long.