Getting Your Trends Right

Tell Trends is a quarterly trends report for the hotel marketing and technology industry. It's a straight to the point report that filters the essentials of the industry and helps understand the bigger picture. Cutting through the day to day noise and focusing on what matters. If reading the news keeps you in the know, Tell Trends keeps you on the right path.


What's Inside?

Tell Trends is broken down the same way for six important topics in the hotel technology and marketing industry. The first is one page overview by a qualified and independent expert. Followed by the five most important news of the quarter for that topic and wrapped up with ten articles worth reading. And for some topics (such as Social Media) we're adding a bonus inspiration section to benchmark your own marketing.

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Who is it for?

Published as a PDF and a paper magazine, Tell Trends, is written for investors, executives and senior management who want the high level view of the industry, those who are concerned with staying focused on the important evolutions and understand the value of qualified expert opinions.