What is Tell. Trends

Tell. Trends is quarterly magazine published in a print edition and by email and as a PDF to paid subscribers. The project launched to help the leaders of the hotel, hotel marketing and hotel technology industry stay up to date with relevant trends in the industry. This isn’t breaking news, it is slow news. It is about looking at the bigger picture and getting expert opinions on what the future looks like or could look like.

To understand what is happening and what it about to happen in order to anticipate the changes that will come and make the pieces fit together into a cohesive whole. 

We’ve picked independent thought leaders from the industry to work with us. Thought leaders that aren’t accountable to specific brands or technologies. 

We aren’t accepting advertising for the report, it is a paid report financed by the readers because we believe this is the best way to keep an independent view on the industry. 


Tell Trends was created by Martin Soler and Sebastien Felix, after casually creating our 9th or 10th Hotel Benchmark report on slideshare we wanted to make something a bit better. With more experts and better opinions. Read our story >