Getting Your Trends Right

Tell Trends is a quarterly trends report for the hotel marketing and technology industry. It's a straight to the point report that filters the essentials of the industry and helps understand the bigger picture. Cutting through the day to day noise and focusing on what matters. If reading the news keeps you in the know, Tell Trends keeps you on the right path.


Is it for you?

Tell Trends is written for investors, executives and senior management who want the high level view of the industry, those who are concerned with staying focused on the important evolutions and understand the value of qualified expert opinions.


Easy to read

Short recaps of important topics so you can "skim" through more than catchy headlines. We've read what we recommend and curated what we think you should read.

What's important to us is giving you the instant overview of the subject so you are always in the know with the latest trends.

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Issue 1
Table of content

For the first edition, Tell Trends is covering major topics in the hotel technology and marketing industry.

→ The Five Most Important Changes in Social Media in 2018, by Daniel Craig

→ Revenue Management In The Age Of Consolidation, by Vikram Singh

→ State of Advertising in the Hotel Industry, by Martin Soler

→ Technology and hotel renovations, by Simone Puorto

→ Welcome to the New Era of Assistance, by Sebastien Félix

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